Animal Health Supplement Manufacture

Animal Health Supplement  Manufacture

The Animal Health product industry continues to grow, with pet owners spending more than ever to keep their pets healthy. As quality of life increases for the animals, their lifespans go up, and more later life health issues prompt further supplementation. Overweight pets are another emerging issue, which in turn leads to a range of health problems that customers may turn to animal supplements to address. The pet health vitamins industry then in set to keep on expanding.

Additionally, the agriculture sector continues to grow as farmers try to cater more for health conscious customers who want products derived from animals that have not been subjected to unsustainable treatment practices.

As an expert manufacturer of supplements, G&G can create your animal supplement or pet vitamin product. Regardless of who or what the product is targeted at, our standard of quality and purity is never relaxed.  You can rest assured that your customer’s animals will enjoy the same exceptionally high supplement standards that we hold for other sectors.

Packaging for animal supplements products can also provide unique challenges. Whatever it is that you need, from bulk powder supplied in sacks, through to pet-shop-shelf grade capsules, blister packs and tubs, G&G is ready to cater for your pet supplement requirements.

Please note that animal health products are subject to strict regulatory controls. We recommend you thoroughly research your pet supplement or animal health product ingredients suitability to ensure your requirements meet legal standards.

G&G can produce a wide range of animal health supplements. Contact us today for a bespoke quote.