Q. What is G&G?
A. G&G Food Supplies is a vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturer based in the UK. We specialise in the manufacture of natural health supplements. We also have our own label of high quality vitamins and minerals under the trade name of G&G Vitamins.

Q. What accreditation do you have?
A. G&G is accredited by a number of organisations, including Good Manufacturing Practice, the Soil Association, AIB International, the Vegetarian Society, the FDA, and Rabbi Adler for kosher products.

Q. What kind of clean room do you have?
A. G&G has an ISO Class 8 clean room. Our clean air parameters are in line with the levels of an ISO Class 7 clean room.

Q. I have an idea for a new supplement. What do I do next?
A. Get in touch with us via our contact form  or phone us on +44 1342 311 401 and we’ll be happy to talk you through formulating your product, or we can arrange a meeting to discuss the product in person.

Q. Do I have to supply the ingredients?
A. This is entirely up to you. We can source, purchase and store the ingredients you need for your supplement formulation, or you can supply them yourself. You can discuss this further with your sales representative to decide what’s best for you.

Q. Do I have to supply the packaging?
A. Again this is up to you. We will be happy to source the right packaging for you and arrange label printing, or you can supply us with packaging and we will put your finished capsules in your containers.

Q. Do you have a minimum order quantity?
A. Yes, our minimum order quantity is 30,000 capsules.

Q. Can you ship overseas?
A. Yes. Once your product is made we will arrange for it to be delivered to any address or addresses that you have specified.

Q. Do you make the supplements yourself?
A. Yes. We have a purpose-built clean room which houses all of the machinery necessary to make encapsulated vitamins and minerals, as well machinery for filling capsules, softgels, tablets and powders into containers and sealing and labelling them.

Q. Can you make organic and vegetarian products?
A. Yes, our clean room has been approved by the Soil Association for organic products, and the Vegetarian Society for vegetarian products. We can help you ensure your product formulation meets with their guidelines.

Q. What is the lead-time for supplement encapsulation?
A. This is highly variable, depending on the nature of your formula and the quantities required. We will be happy to supply you with an approximate lead-time with your quote.

Q. Can you take my formula and make it for others?
A. When you supply us with your formulation it is protected by our confidentiality agreements. We will never share your supplement formula or your identity should you wish it to remain confidential.