Vitamin Manufacture

UK Supplement Manufacturer

We are a specialist vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturer based in the UK. For more than 50 years G&G has specialized in methods of manufacture that promote purity and quality. Our factory uses only semi-automatic, fully manned machines to encapsulate. This unique approach means we are industry leaders in totally pure supplement manufacture, never adding unnecessary flow or bulking agents to a product. Despite making in excess of 4 million supplement capsules every single week, G&G never once cuts corners or tries to make the process quicker or easier. With G&G the supplement you specify will be the supplement you get.

Putting integrity and honesty first

For 50 years G&G has been manufacturing vitamins. Our clients stay with us, because we create an atmosphere of trust, of respect, and of quality. Brands that stand the test of time have to sell a quality product, and nobody has better credentials than us when it comes to proving our long lasting commitment to ensuring that your product is perfect. G&G don’t cut corners, we never compromise, and we never put profit first. Entrust us with your brand, and you can sleep easy knowing that your reputation is in the best hands possible.

White Label & Private Label Supplement Products

We can make your product. With 50 years of experience, we have white label vitamin production down to a fine art. Our expert staff have assisted countless customers to help them create the private label vitamin product they envision. Whatever your white label product demands, G&G are ready to assist you.

G&G Food Supplies has been a UK leading vitamin manufacturer for over half a century. This experience is invaluable when you want to manufacture a high-quality dietary supplement that you can trust. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Find out more about private label and white label supplement manufacture.