Meet the Team

David Gaiman
David founded G&G in 1965 for one simple reason - to bring good health and well-being to all. At that time getting high strength, high quality vitamins and minerals in the UK was impossible as nobody understood the benefits or need for dietary supplementation. David was a dreamer, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. In 2009 he passed away, but is survived by his wife, his three children, eight grandchildren, and the thousands of people he helped to live a better life.
Myles McEntyre
Since 2001 Myles has been a big part of G&G, using his wealth of supplement knowledge and diploma in Life Sciences to help develop not only the G&G brand, but countless other brands for whom G&G has manufactured for over the years. In 2009 he was promoted to Managing Director and under his leadership G&G has grown from strength to strength.
John Bruce
For over a decade John has ensured that every cog in the G&G machine keeps spinning. As a senior executive he oversees all matters regarding cleanroom production, machinery, accounts and quality control. He has used his background in mechanics and electronics to create an ideal cleanroom environment for G&G to create pure, high quality supplements.
Iain Cochran
A graduate of Napier University Business School, Iain joined G&G in 2005 from a background in Small Enterprise Accounting with earlier experience in Insurance, Investment Banking, Stock Exchange Settlements, Payroll Management and non-profit Accounting. Recently promoted to CFO Iain now controls all matters financial here at G&G.
Simon Mill
Contract Sales Mgr
Simon has been a part of G&G for more than 20 years. He began his career on the manufacturing floor in 1996, and moved onto sales in 2001, where Myles and he became a crack team, helping hundreds of start-ups, entrepreneurs and well-established brands to develop and high quality supplements, and taking care of our customers on a day to day basis.
Kirsty Gillmore
Brands Manager
A relatively recent addition to the G&G executive team, Kirsty leads the team operating the G&G own brand products. As an avid enthusiast for health products herself, nobody is better suited to guide our brand products to success. Kirsty and her team manage our brand products, retail website, social media, and look after our local shop Good & Green.