Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality is the cornerstone of our vitamin and mineral supplement manufacture. We are proud to be the manufacturers of some of the highest quality health supplements on the market. G&G’s 50 year track record for vitamin purity is exemplary, and we take great pride in ensuring that our quality control is second to none.

Our manufacturing techniques are designed to result in an ideal product; eliminating imperfect capsules, loose powder in the container, irregular ingredients, or any other less-than-optimum results. Additionally our system keeps clear records of every produced batch, the ingredients that were used, and where those ingredients came from, ensuring we maintain accountability at every stage of production. Our experienced materials buyer knows exactly where to source raw ingredients that maintain our high standard of quality, with third-party laboratory tests regularly undertaken to ensure  standards are maintained.

Ensuring Supplement Quality

Our vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured in an ISO Class 8 Pharmaceutical clean room, which means the air and temperature levels are automatically controlled with 20 complete air changes every hour. The entire production process from unpacking the raw materials to bottling the capsules happens inside our clean room to maintain product quality.

Documentation detailing every step and safeguards are routinely reviewed. Spot checks are carried out verifying everything from weight and appearance to composition. Capsules are not approved for packaging until all these safeguards are passed. Any capsules which fail to meet these standards are destroyed.

Quality Checks at Every Stage of Manufacture

Quality checks unique to each step of the supplement manufacturing process are performed by highly qualified machinists and specially trained staff. These checks are performed at every stage of the assembly line.

  • Ingredient Sourcing and Testing
    Quality begins with the ingredients. Sourcing ingredients from suppliers who we have worked with before where possible, who can supply supporting CoAs and evidence of quality standards. Once the ingredients arrive, they may be sent to 3rd party labs as appropriate for further testing and certification. Checks are also carried out by us, including checking color, scent, and weight.
  • Capsule Polishing
    Once encapsulated, we run the supplement capsules through a polishing machine. This removes powder stuck to the outside of the capsule shell. This ensures that when a customer removes a capsule from its container they do not get powder on their skin or clothes.
  • Highly Sensitive Metal Detection
    Built into our polishing machine is a highly sensitive metal detector. Newly cleaned capsules are tested for residual metals with optimum efficiency and minimum handling. The machine is extremely sensitive, able to detect the minutest metal splinters, and is used as a precaution to guarantee the integrity of the completed product.
  • Final Quality Control Check
    Our final fail-safe requires that all capsules are individually checked by the human eye. This allows us to find any imperfections such as dents or insufficiently filled capsules.

Only after all of these checks are complete are the capsules ready for the filling lines. If you want to find out about our quality checks for pure powder supplements, contact us today.

Accreditation and Certification

Product quality is a crucial foundation in our supplement manufacture. All of our quality checks are designed to meet (and in many cases exceed) industry standards, including Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for supplement manufacture. We have certification from many of the industry leaders in quality assurance, including AIB International, Informed SportHealth Food Manufacturers Associationthe Soil Association and the Vegetarian Society.






To learn more about how our quality control checks meet your expectations, contact us today.