Sports Nutrition Manufacture

Sports Nutrition Manufacturing

Sports Nutrition is a fast growing market. G&G can manufacture the sports nutrition products that you need quickly and to our usual impeccable standard of quality.

We can produce your product to your exact specifications. We are specialists in supplying capsules and powders specific to sports nutrition supplements such as Amino Acids or BCAAs, pea and hemp proteins, multi vitamins, pre-workout and post workout supplements , creatine and glutamine and many more, including almost any permitted ingredients you could request.

We can then package your sports nutrition product as you see fit, either supplying as a powder ready to be mixed with water, or as a capsule. Powders can be provided in tubs, sachets or stick packs, while capsules are normally requested in tubs or blister packs. Sports Nutrition products often require more stylized packaging, with products in all sorts of unusual sizes and shapes often being requested. As long as the container has some sort of neck, we can put capsules or powder in it, so feel free to think outside the box while dreaming up your sports nutrition product.

Ingredients you can Trust

Knowing exactly what is in any supplement is especially important to athletes, who at a professional level are subject to anti doping regulation, and are highly demanding and specific about what they want. G&G’s exceptional high standard of production quality meansĀ  your customers get only and exactly the products that you specified in your capsule, free of pollutants and impurities. This means your customers can enjoy the final product free from concern.

Contact us now to find out how G&G can help you with your sports nutrition manufacturing requirements.