Once a request for supplement manufacture has been received and agreed the process can begin. The involvement you have in the manufacturing process is entirely up to you, the customer. We have the flexibility to take a supplement from idea to packaging, but we understand that you may want to supply your own ingredients or packaging solutions. 

Ingredients & Blending

Before manufacturing begins, the purest form of the ingredients necessary for your supplement formulation are collected. We have a dedicated buyer who can source the ingredients required for your formulation.

Ingredients are carefully weighed to maintain the correct ratios and then blended together. Once blended and mixed the powder is then sieved before the encapsulation process begins.

Supplement Encapsulation

Our clean room allows for the manufacture of three sizes of capsule (4, 0 or 00) in either vegetarian or gelatine form. Five encapsulation machines enable us the capacity to produce 3,500,000 supplement capsule in a single week.


Manufacture complete, we use a sophisticated sorting system that cleans and counts your supplements before they are packaged. Pure powders are weighed precisely.

Your packaging is your products identity. There are a number of tubs, bottles and container solutions that we offer. Alternatively, you can provide your own packaging solution and we will finish the process for you.

Find out more about our packaging solutions.

Ready to Ship

With your product manufactured and packaged, it is ready to ship to any location you desire. We offer shipping world-wide.

Call us on +44 (0)1342 311 401 or email to find out how we can help you?