How our Supplement Manufacture works

Getting a Quote

Everything begins with you getting in touch to let us know what it is you need. Be it a full service, or just some part of the production, we are happy to help. We will want to know what the product you’d like produced is, and if you’re not totally sure we can help you figure it out. Our sales team are helpful, fast, friendly and professional, and are always ready and waiting to talk through your requirements and give you a quote. Once you’re happy with the price, and the exact specification is agreed, it’s time time get your product into production.

Ingredients & Blending

Before manufacturing begins, the purest form of the ingredients necessary for your supplement formulation are collected. We have a dedicated buyer who can source the ingredients required for your formulation. Alternatively you can supply your own ingredients, and we can work with those.

Ingredients are checked by quality control to ensure purity, then carefully weighed to maintain the correct ratios and then blended together. Once blended and mixed the powder is then sieved before the encapsulation process begins.

Supplement Encapsulation

Our clean room allows for the manufacture of three sizes of capsule (4, 0 or 00) in either vegetarian or gelatin form. Five encapsulation machines enable us the capacity to produce 3,500,000 supplement capsule in a single week.


Manufacture complete, we use a sophisticated sorting system that cleans and counts your supplements before they are packaged. Pure powders are weighed precisely.

With white label and private label vitamin manufacture, we know your packaging is your products identity. There are a number of tubs, bottles and container solutions that we offer, with a wide range of petpacker tubs, glass jars, recyclable and sustainable options. Alternatively, you can provide your own packaging solution and we will finish the process for you.

Find out more about our packaging solutions.

Ready to Ship

With your product manufactured and packaged, it is ready to ship to any location you desire. We offer shipping world-wide, with many customers needing manufactured vitamins sent to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and many other countries around the world. Wherever you are, we can have the supplement you need shipped directly to you.

Contact us today to start your product on the road to becoming a reality.