Supplements Without Additives

Customers are becoming more and more aware of additives and other non-active ingredients in their food. Customers expect clean labels, showing clean active ingredients and nothing else. Tablet based supplements are of course the worst offender, filled with binders that act as glues to hold the tablet together. Even many capsule supplement makers use magnesium stearate or other flow agents to allow them to produce the capsules quicker and cheaper on automatic machines. There is some evidence that this stearate may coat the particles of supplement, having a possible adverse affect on how they are absorbed by the body.

G&G’s solution to this is simple. We never use any magnesium stearates, or any other kind of binders or additives in our capsules. In order to do this without compromising our production levels, we use only semi automatic, fully manned machines. Each machine requires a full time expert operative, who through years of hard won experience understands exactly how to run each powder mixture through the machine effectively and quickly. Our capsules therefore are hand made, and require nothing added to the powder to help it flow. This approach may cost more at the outset, but the improvements in quality it leads to are well worth the extra investment.

At the G&G factory, you will never find a tablet. You will never find an automatic machine, and you will never find magnesium stearate being added to speed things up. You will find nothing but highly skilled workers, who understand how to make products properly without cutting corners. That commitment to quality is why brands stick with us, year after year. We know our success depends on your success, and we intend to give you the quality levels you need to drive your brand forward every step of the way.

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