Supplement Packaging


We understand how important health supplement packaging is, that’s how your product is presented to the world. Often how the tub looks is more important than what is in it.

To that end, packaging is an important part of the manufacture process. Tubs or bottles provide not just the right look for your product, but should also keep it safe and maintain it’s quality all the way to the eventual user. Our packaging will always include tamper evidence seals, which also help preserve product freshness.

Tubs, Bottles, Stick Packs and Stand Up Pouches

We can provide your capsules or powders in a range of sub-packaging solutions. Capsules or powders can both go in a tub or bottle. G&G has a range of plastic tubs and glass jars available. Using an off the shelf solution means that you can benefit from our high purchase quantities, keeping packaging prices low. Alternatively you can supply any customer solution of your choice. Our machines can full anything with a round neck. We also have machinery for stand out pouches, and can outsource packaging for more complex solutions such as blister packs.

Colours, Leaflets, and Boxes

There are a number of options for the packaging of your health supplement. Both glass bottles and plastic tubs come in a range of colours, with the most popular choices being white plastic, coloured plastic, and amber glass. Our packing machines can work with a wide range of bottles and tubs to ensure your product is correctly sealed and preserved.  Many customers then opt to add an additional colorful outer box, allowing more space than just the regular label to print product information and regulatory requirements. We are always happy to include a leaflet should you require one. We are always happy to work with you to create the best packaging solution for you.

Thermal Overprinting

We have thermal overprinting facilities available. This allows type to be printed onto a completed label, giving a cost effective solution to printing a large product range. This also allows for unique batch number and best before to be printed on each tub, providing the tractability and accountability that is so important in supplement manufacture.

Contact us today to find out if your ideal packing option is available.