Why choose G&G as your supplement manufacturer?

Why choose G&G as your supplement manufacturer?

Supplement Manufacture Premises50 Years Experience

G&G Food Supplies has been a leading vitamin manufacturer for over half a century. This experience is invaluable when you want to manufacture a high-quality supplement. Our staff are second to none when it comes to experience, and have a deep understanding of your needs, and the practical aspects of converting your ideas into a real product. Almost any issue that is likely to slow your products production or catch you out down the line we are likely to spot and resolve long before others would be aware of an issue. Learn more about our history here.

An Ethos of Ethics, Honesty, and Quality

Here at G&G we want to work with you. We want to help you grow your brand from it’s inception right through to success. With 50 years of experience behind us we know that the brands that survive are the ones that put quality first. They are the brands that respect themselves and their customers, to create a journey to better health together. We want to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the quality of your product for even one moment. Our advanced encapsulation technique enables us to provide supplements that are some of the purest nutraceuticals possible. Our internal policy requires a zero compromise approach to quality and standards. Every stage of our¬†nutraceutical manufacturing process has been carefully controlled to ensure purity is maintained. G&G are rightly proud of the standards that we have come to uphold, and hope to share those standards with you. Learn more about our Quality Control Process.¬†

No Unnecessary Excipients

Our mission as a vitamin manufacturer is to provide some of the purest supplements available on the market, because that is what brings the eventual customer the most benefit. That is why we have chosen to manufacture most of our supplements in the form of capsules, a decision that still stands 50 years later. Capsules, unlike tablets, do not require the use of external excipients to bind and blend the supplement together. This allows you to provide your customers with supplements that only contain ingredients that provide a benefit to the human body. We are here to help you and your customer, and we will never compromise in the name of profit.

Capsules, Powders and Softgels

Our factory can deliver your supplement formulation in the form of a pure powder, vegetable cellulose capsule or a softgel. Our experienced team can help you to decide what the best solution for your supplement formulation is. Learn more about what we can make.

Supplement Packaging Solutions

Packaging is an important part of how your supplement is presented. We provide a number of packaging options, from glass bottles to plastic containers in a range of sizes. Learn more about our packaging solutions.

Accreditation & Certification

We pride ourselves on being accredited for all aspects supplement manufacture by a number of companies and organizations that enable us to manufacture supplements to market leading high standards.  Find out more about our certification capabilities.

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