Why choose G&G as your supplement manufacturer?

These are just some of the reasons why leading vitamin retailers choose us as their vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturer.

Over 50 years of experience

G&G Food Supplies has been a leading vitamin manufacturer for over half a century. This experience is invaluable when you want to manufacture a high-quality supplement that you can trust.

Highest Quality of Supplement Manufacture

Everybody wants to have the highest quality product on the market. Our advanced encapsulation technique enables us to provide supplements that are some of the purest on the market.

Pure Supplements – No unnecessary excipients

Our mission as a vitamin manufacturer is to provide some of the purest supplements available on the market. That is why we have chosen to manufacture most of our supplements in the form of capsules. Capsules, unlike tablets, do not require the use of external excipients to bind and blend the supplement together. This allows you to provide your customers with supplements that only contain ingredients that provide a benefit to the human body.

Capsules, Powders and Softgels

Our factory can deliver your supplement formulation in the form of a pure powder, vegetable cellulose capsule or a softgel. Our experienced team can help you to decide what the best solution for your supplement formulation is.

Supplement Packaging Solutions

Packaging is an important part of how your supplement is presented. We provide a number of packaging options, from glass bottles to plastic containers in a range of sizes.

Accreditation & Certification

We pride ourselves on being accredited by a number of companies that enable us to manufacture supplements to market leading high standards. Find out more about our certification capabilities.

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